Elite Residence's Story

Elite Residence's Story
Empower with Three business partner.
Elite Residence's Story

Elite Residence Co., Ltd. Establish in 2019 by business partner project between Sena Development Pcl., Hankyu Hanshin Property Corporations Co.,Ltd. Real estate developer from Japan and Onyx Hospitalities Co.,Ltd. dedicated five-star residential services.


We are committed to being a leader. residential management by raising the level of integrated services to build confidence and trust with customers because we believe that every customer is an important person as well as being aware of participation in society.


1.Establish professional service standards for personnel. To upgrade the organization To standardized service
2.Build a property management system. For accuracy, transparency, verifiable
3.Bring modern innovation Came to help with the complete property management
4.Project management to be pleasant Reinforce a good image And add value to housing
5.Give importance to the evaluation And improve the service development To create maximum satisfaction for customers
6.Build confidence in safety And paying attention to maintenance of engineering systems according to international standards
7. Build a business partner Taking into account the stakeholders And maximize the benefits
8. Attach importance to environmental stewardship And return to society

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